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Money Booster (Dead Trigger 2)
Money Booster (Dead Trigger 2)
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Doubles all income
Amount per purchase:1
PriceGold DT2 15 for 1 Hour
Gold DT2 100 for 24 Hours

"While active, all income is doubled. Lasts 1 Hour/24 Hours."
—Game description
The Money Booster is a power-up in Dead Trigger 2 which temporarily doubles the player's money income during missions.


The Money Booster is a passive power-up that doubles the amount of money the player earns. This includes mission rewards, money gained from money bonus drops, money from Golden Pigs, money bonuses for headshots etc, and even rewards gained when levelling up. It doesn't double the reward for Global Warfare city liberation.

Using the Money Booster might affect the gameplay mechanics in a way that it allows the player to upgrade Tech and Workers after less missions played than they normally would, since they earn more money in each individual mission. It means that it's more probable to unlock new blueprints sooner than the old ones are completed. This can lead to many incompleted blueprints unlocked at the same time, so the chance of getting a blueprint for one certain weapon/item the player wishes can be significantly lower. Also, there's a bigger chance that the lower tier weapon blueprints won't be completed until much stronger weapons are able to be produced, so they can be useless already at the time when the blueprint is finally completed. This is especially true for mid-game weapons that require more than usual four blueprints to be completed, such as the Dual Uzi.


The price of Money Booster depends on the level of Smuggler, and also on whether the player purchases 1h or 24h version.

Smuggler level Price (1h) Price (24h)
Mk 1 (no discount) Gold DT2 15 Gold DT2 100
Mk 2 (2% discount) Gold DT2 15 Gold DT2 98
Mk 3 (4% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 96
Mk 4 (6% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 94
Mk 5 (8% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 92
Mk 6 (10% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 90
Mk 7 (15% discount) Gold DT2 13 Gold DT2 85
Mk 8 (20% discount) Gold DT2 12 Gold DT2 80
Mk 9 (25% discount) Gold DT2 11 Gold DT2 75
Mk 10 (30% discount) Gold DT2 10 Gold DT2 70


  • The 24 hour version of this power-up is the most expensive item sold by the Smuggler, at Gold DT2 100.
  • It doesn't double the exchange rate.
  • If the money booster timer expires while the player is currently playing a mission, the effect will still apply at the end of the mission. Players can take advantage of this to extend the use of the 1 hour (or 24 hour) time limit given by the perk.
  • The effects of the money booster stacks with the paid Permanent Money Booster that is found in the shop ($4.99 USD). This gives the player a 4x money multiplier when the booster is activated.
  • Similar to the Treyarch Zombies Double Point power up