The Safe Haven
Photoforgephoto (5)The office building.
LocationUnknown; metropolis
ResidentsJulian Lasagne


Other Civilians

Grace Kelly

The Safe Haven (re-named New Hope) is the main location that the Hero visits, and resides in. it was formed by a man who, with the help of others, barged into this office buidling, barricaded the doors and nailed the windows, and made it into a Sanctuary.

You can check your stats and progress of yourself and your friends from here after you have created an account and are logged on. And you may also save and backup your progress to the cloud from here or restore a previous saved game file to your device locally.

Residential BlocksEdit

  • Residential Block 146
  • Residential Block B


  • It was renamed "New Hope" in the 1.0.1 update.