Painkillers   Autoheal    
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Restore player health
Amount per purchase:Varies per upgrade
Limit per game:20
PriceVaries per upgrade

"Each painkiller taken will raise your health little bit."
—Game Description
The Painkillers is a medical item that replenishes a bit of the player's health.


The Painkillers are first used after rescuing Alice, whether or not the player is indeed injured.


The Painkillers can be an objective saving item. It is considerably cheap when first utilized, though it later requires an upgrade if it is to be more beneficial. This, paired with the Health Booster, can be very helpful when running into Special Zombies, though the Health Booster itself is much rarer to come by, as it costs gold to obtain, and does not last long. The player can bring up to 20 Painkillers per Mission.

When painkillers are used, there appears some effect on the screen and the time is slown down for a few seconds. However, the player can still move at normal speed during the slow down. This is useful for example when trapped in a corner, as the use of painkillers in that situation heals the player but also allows him to take down the zombies that cornered them more easily, and/or get away, and/or reload. Even though health is not lost in Sentinel missions, using these will still slow the zombies, allowing players to protect the objective easier. 


Mark Heal HP Upgrade cost Instant upgrade Upgrade Time Build cost Instant build Build time
Mark 1 20 N/A N/A N/A Money DT2 150 (1x) Gold DT2 1 30 Seconds
Mark 2 Upgrade Marks DT2 25 Money DT2 1,000 Gold DT2 4 10 Minutes Money DT2 200 (2x) Gold DT2 1 1 Minute
Mark 3 Upgrade Marks DT2 30 Money DT2 5,000 Gold DT2 11 30 Minutes Money DT2 250 (2x) Gold DT2 2 2 Minutes
Mark 4 Upgrade Marks DT2 35 Money DT2 20,000 Gold DT2 20 1 Hour Money DT2 300 (3x) Gold DT2 2 3 Minutes
Mark 5 Upgrade Marks DT2 40 Money DT2 35,000 Gold DT2 30 2 Hours Money DT2 350 (3x) Gold DT2 2 4 Minutes
Mark 6 Upgrade Marks DT2 45 Money DT2 50,000 Gold DT2 40 3 Hours Money DT2 500 (3x) Gold DT2 ? 5 Minutes
Mark 7 Upgrade Marks DT2 50 Money DT2 70,000 Gold DT2 49 4 Hours Money DT2 600 (4x) Gold DT2 ? 7 Minutes
Mark 8 Upgrade Marks DT2 55 Money DT2 100,000 Gold DT2 68 6 Hours Money DT2 800 (4x) Gold DT2 ? 9 Minutes
Mark 9 Upgrade Marks DT2 60 Money DT2 130,000 Gold DT2 87 8 Hours Money DT2 1,600 (4x) Gold DT2 5 11 Minutes
Mark 10 Upgrade Marks DT2 65 Money DT2 180,000 Gold DT2 107 10 Hours Money DT2 2,000 (4x) Gold DT2 5 13 Minutes
Total Money DT2 591,000 Gold DT2 ? 1 Days 10 Hours 40 Minutes



  • These are the successors to the Bandage from Dead Trigger.
  • Using Painkillers in missions with NPC survivors (for example Escort missions) will also heal the survivor.
  • They can be used to also boost the player's health above the initial starting health.

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