Police Officer
☣ Zombie Statistics ☣
WeaponsMelee; Blood spit
OccupationPolice Officer
For other versions of this zombie, see Police Zombie.

The Police Zombie is a variation of zombie in Dead Trigger.



The Police Zombie appears dressed in uniform of an officer. He has his badge on his left side, and blood, scratches, and bruises throughout his body. He has a noticeable amount of blood on his chest, coming from his mouth. He usually has orange eyes(not like in the picture)


This zombie has the same abilities as all the others; he can crawl under gates, tunnels, cracks in the wall, and climb over barricades. It can also sprint toward the player. This zombie is the only type of zombie that is able to spit blood at the Hero, causing damage.


Like all undead, he can be taken out faster with a bullet to the head. With pistols, it can take up to three shots to kill, assault rifles can take four, shotguns are usually one shot kills, and submachine guns can take as little as two shots.




  • If his spit hits a Red barrel, the explosion will damage the Hero instead of damaging zombies.
  • They can be seen in the Dead Trigger 2 opening cutscene, but are alive and fighting the zombies using pistols.

• The Officer is likely based on Left 4 Dead, which the only difference is the face, bite marks, blood stain and the eyes, which appear to be usually Orange or Red.

• The Officer doesn't appear to have a nightstick in his belt, since they don't use it normally on a zombie apocalypse, it is unknown how it is gone from their belt.

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