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"The REMINGTON 870 is a shotgun. Nothing fancy. Nothing computerized. Nothing left standing. Can be upgraded with REMINGTON TACTICS."
—Game Description

"The REMINGTON 870 is a shotgun. Nothing fancy. Nothing computerized. Nothing left standing. Better and stronger version of this weapon is Remington Tactics."
—Game Description

RMGT 870
RMGT 870
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Remington Model 870
Magazine size4
Fire modePump-action
Unlock rankRank5
PriceShop icon 15,000

The RMGT 870 is a pump-action shotgun in Dead Trigger.



The Remington 870, or RMGT 870 for short, is the first shotgun a player can unlock in Dead Trigger. Because it is the first unlock-able shotgun, it is the weakest of them all. That, however, doesn't mean it can't be as effective as the other shotguns. It is a pump action shotgun.

The RMGT 870 deals a good amount of damage when fully upgraded, allowing the player to kill one or two Zombies in a single shot if aimed correctly. The RMGT 870 can also easily cut off the limbs of zombies and get headshots. Despite being a pump action, the RMGT 870 shoots fairly quickly, allowing the player to deal with small to mid-sized groups of zombies easily.

When reloading, the Hero loads four rounds into the shotgun, regardless of how many rounds are still in the chamber. Even after upgrading the clip size, the Hero still only loads four rounds. Be careful when reloading, because the reload time is rather lengthy.

The RMGT 870 can be used as either a primary or a secondary, due it its ability to kill single Zombies with just one shot, which makes the ammo last much longer when compared to sub machine guns. The small range and slow reload time is a small price to pay when compared to the sheer amount of damage the weapon can deal.

The RMGT 870 fires 9 pellets per shell and has a reload time of 2.1 seconds, empty or without one or two shells. Its draw time is 1 second; with a drop time is 1.4 seconds.

It is recommended that the player switches out to a different shotgun like the KSG as soon as possible. Due to the long reload, relatively low damage, and poor iron sights, the 870 can be quite ineffective in later missions. A weapon like the Uzi should be considered by the player, as the RMGT 870's price is the same as the Uzi.


The RMGT 870 has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase, and upgrades, this gun is priced at a grand total of Shop icon 168,000.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank To Unlock
First Tier Shop icon 17,000 230 34 5 5 29 9
Second Tier Shop icon 116,000 420 38 6 5 15
Third Tier Shop icon 140,000 520 38 7 6 30


  • The Hero will always reload 4 shells regardless of how many shells already in the chamber.
  • There is a shell holder with no shells on the stock.
  • The back stock is folded over the gun.
  • The RMGT 870, the Lupara, the Minigun and the Bren are the only guns that show their crosshairs while aiming down sights.
  • The description states that the 870 can be upgraded with the Tactics, however this is false as the Tactics is a separate weapon.



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