Radio Transmissions are the transmission of news reports from the Resistance HQ and are usually done after liberating a city. It is received by the group at the hideout through a resistance radio.

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Radio Transmissions are the primary source of information/news for the players. Usually, they are about mutations of the virus, and events like the Missoula massacre that happened in USA.

Valuable InfoEdit

  • In Radio Transmission 1, it was stated that the Resistance has been fighting against zombies since 2011 despite the zombie outbreak being in 2012.  
  • In Radio Transmission 52, it was revealed that zombie corpses can regenerate, even if blown to bits, if not burned completely. In return, there are people who are in charge of burning the remains of all the dead zombies to prevent their regeneration and are called "Body burners".
  • In Radio Transmission 54, it has been reported that dead zombies are waking up everywhere, which is most likely the reason why there are so many zombies.
  • In Radio Transmission 58, it was said that someone has been issuing false commands using the Resistance's name. Oddly, it was also revealed there that dead zombies in Chaoyang were buried in pits rather than being burned by the Body burners, causing the zombies to dig up their graves and continue to roam earth.


  • In the early stages of the game, the Radio Transmission was being read by a radio announcer. But now, it is telegraph beeping.


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