1. REDIRECT Template:Infobox/MapThis is the biggest map in the whole game, and is the only map in the game which features the entrance to New Hope. This is one of the brightest lit rooms in the whole game.

Back AlleyEdit

This room is the room featured in the picture of the map. It has a rather large playing area. It is connected to the jail room.

Storage RoomEdit

This room is just beside the Back Alley. It is dim-lit and quite dark. It features many fence/bars, and has many boxes, but can also be considered a jail of sorts. This is the most common Money Cache spawn point when the player is playing this map.

Warehouse WalkwayEdit

The Warehouse Walkway room is often the place where the player completes Supply Chopper missions. It is well lit and has a noticeable flimsy steel roof.

New HopeEdit

Unknown to many players, the blue-lit room with the red door (Most commonly identified as the New Hope door) is connected to the map Residential Blocks (Day). This room features many broken windows concrete barriers that zombies have to climb over. It has a blue tint to it.

Map LegendEdit

Icon Key
Doors and Gates
Zombie Access Points
Zombie Access Points/ Zombie Spawn Areas
Barricades/ Closed off areas
Explosive Barrels