Residential Blocks (Night)
Residential Blocks (Night) is a large map. It takes place around the evening to night time.

Rockstock's AlleyEdit

This room features 2 long corridors. One is the long corridor to the shutter door of Rockstock's shop. This is also the place where the player first spawns on his first campaign mission. The other corridor is a dim-lit yellow coloured corridor. If the player spawns inside this room there will be water on the floor. If the payer spawns in the outside alley, there will be no water.

Outside AlleyEdit

This is a rather large room, with visible buildings on each side. The render of this map shows this room. This is a special room, as it is the only room in the whole game where a zombie can spawn on top of the roof and jump down.

Long PassagewayEdit

The Long Passageway is connected to the Outside Alley. This passageway has nothing special, only a barrel and 1 zombie spawn point.