The Resistance is a resistance organization all around the planet, made by an unknown brave group of survivors. The Resistance somehow knew about the pathogen even before the outbreak at 2012, as they began fighting them in 2011. Every time a city is conquered by the Resistance, the leaders broadcast a new radio transmission revealing the next city to recapture or eradicate. Every global mission is the Resistance trying to conquer a city by killing 100 million zombies or more (currently 350 million per city) in each city. 

Up to February 2015, the Resistance had conquered North Africa, East China, West Coast of USA (Seattle, Klamath Falls, San Francisco, and Los Angeles), a portion of Europe ( Burgas, Belgrade, Budapest, Prague, München, Zurich, Marseille, Barcelona, Pamplona, Nantes, Paris, Rotterdan, London, Edinburgh, and Dublin), a part of Sourthern Africa, Korea and Western Europe.

Meanwhile, the Resistance successfully eradicated the zombies in the South Africa campaign (no survivors have set up in this region). The Resistance most recently has eliminated the zombie threat in Korea (Chaoyang, Dandong, Seoul, and Busan) with the successful freeing of Busan.

According to Radio Transmission 61, a zombie horde has moved through Russia to attack the strongholds in Europe. Because of this the Resistance is starting a campaign through northern Europe starting in Sevastpol to alleviate the pressure on those European fortifications. The campaign will go through Kiev, Warsaw, and Szczecin.

Meanwhile, the Resistance had captured Lima, Peru; Oulu, Finland; Los Mochis, Mexico and Paramaribo, Suriname. Now the Resistance are liberating Lubango, Angola.

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