Rifles are average calliber guns that can be semi-automatic or single shot. They are high powered and they are good for taking targets down form a distance.

Dead TriggerEdit

Winchester Description
"A classic that has withered the test of time. Load 'er up on Monday and shoot the whole week through! For those who prefer to kill with vintage style. This rugged old lady is the only mistress you'll ever need..."
100 Shop icon 2

Enfield 303 Description
Enfield 303
"The Enfield 303 is a throwback rifle, originally designed for piercing armor, elephant skulls, and concrete-block walls. It works pretty well on zombies, too."
120 Shop icon 2

Dead Trigger 2Edit

M1 Garand Description
M1 Garand
"Amazingly accurate rifle from World War II era that has stood the test of time."
70,000 Shop icon 1

Winchester 94 Description
Winchester 94
"The Winchester 94 is a lever-action rifle which became one of the most famous and popular hunting rifles."
1,000,000 Shop icon 1

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