"Meet Scienfist. You should definitely keep back from this powerful Zombie. But how to kill it if getting closer to it might be fatal?"
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The Scienfist is a Special Zombie in Dead Trigger 2.



The Scienfist appears as a Special zombie in Dead Trigger 2. The Scienfist seems to be a Hazmat Zombie wearing another protective radioactive hazmat suit. Its outer suit face mask area is broken, which is presumably how the former scientist got infected.


The Scienfist moves slowly, but constantly emits radiation which does high damage at close range. The closer the player is to the Scienfist, the more rapidly the player will lose health. Getting close enough to touch the Scienfist causes almost certain death. Players must take great care not to get cornered by the Scienfist, or they will lose most to all of their health.

The damage it deals at close range has likely been reduced since DT2's initial release, as at melee range, it won't kill the player as quickly.


Like all undead, it can be taken out faster with bullets to the head. Explosives can seriously wound the Scienfist. It is highly vulnerable to melee weapons and the Boom Chicken, dealing about twice to thrice the weapon's usual damage, but the use of the first ones is still not recommended due to its radiation damage unless it is the player's last resort.


  • Use explosives to kill it faster.
  • Use long-range weapons to avoid radiation damage (e.g. M1 Garand).
  • Melee is not a viable tactic, use only if necessary.
  • A pretty simple strategy is using a Boom Chicken, this weapon can run straight to an instant kill, if not dealing really massive damage to him and any other surrounding zombies that are atracted to the chicken.



  • Static effects will fill the screen if the Hero gets within Scienfist's radiation zone.
  • Scienfist's melee attack deals no damage, but will still give the effect of being hit.
  • Strangely, the glowing circles that look like eyes are not properly aligned to the zombie's eyes.
  • It's unknown how he doesn't emit radiation when he dies.


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