Shock Hammer
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Dead Trigger 2. Thor's Hammer (aka Shock Hammer)

Dead Trigger 2. Thor's Hammer (aka Shock Hammer).

The Shock Hammer is a Melee weapon for Dead Trigger 2.

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The Shock Hammer it is currently not available in the game, but might be added to a future update.

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The Shock Hammer is a powerful weapon, able to destroy a enemy with only three hits and strike three enemies in one hit, but also makes the character slow.

Resembles the spiked Hammer but more strong than the original.

Overall, the Shock Hammer rises well in power, but difficult to use in large hordes.

Pros & ConsEdit

Plusico Strong power, can damage up to three zombies in one hit.
Minusico Slows movement significantly, Low swing speed leaves it ineffective against spread out enemies.

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There is no upgrade information for the Shock Hammer at the moment.

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  • The Shock Hammer is a upgraded version of the Hammer.

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