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Sniper Rifle
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:L96A1
Rate of fire50/min
Range1 mile
AccuracyVery High
Magazine sizeInfinite
Fire modeBolt-action

The Sniper Rifle only appears in certain missions of Dead Trigger 2. When used in missions, the player is only allowed a scoped-in view and, strangely, must manually guide the bullets. It's designed for gameplay purposes. The sniper rifle will always one hit kill the Zombies regardless of the point of impact. The sniper has indefinite piecing ability, it has the ability to pierce through an infinite number of zombies until the bullet hits a wall. However this is limited by the firing angle of the shooter in the sentinel mission as it almost always hits the ground before hitting many zombies in a row.



  • The bullets fired from the rifle do not follow physics, as the player can guide them to hit targets.
  • The bullets do eventually disappear, when guiding it towards the open areas, or the sky. 
  • On slow devices, when starting a sentinel mission, the sniper rifle is shown, it resembles the L96A1 Sniper Rifle.

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