The Soldier
Soldier-profilev2The Soldier
AffiliationsAfrican Resistance
BirthUnknown; aged 25[1]

Asim is an NPC, survivor (also referred to as "crash survivor, and oddly, "technician") from Dead Trigger 2.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Nothing is known about him prior to the zombie breakout, his name is Asim.

Post ApocalypseEdit

In most Escort missions, he appears to be covering a wound on his stomach and walks slowly. While in some Escort missions, Kyle will be escorting Alice as she heals him. While in Defend and Assault missions, he serves as back-up. Usually in Defend or Assault missions, he is seen driving his truck as his reaches the area. He can also be encountered and trapped behind a laser prison.

In the mission "Uninvited Guest", he is in TNT's private party. He is holding a glass of whiskey while chatting with a somehow, resurrected Hank.


He wears a desert army camouflage outfit and has a piece of checkered cloth wrapped around his head.


He wields a Glock 17 pistol with two hands.


References Edit

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