Heavy Weapons  are weapons that usually have a very high damage and their primary use is against big groups of zombies. They use either conventional rounds or some special type of ammo, such as grenades or rockets. Their high weight usually causes the player to move at slow speed. This weapon class officialy exists only in Dead Trigger 2. Some weapons from Dead Trigger 1 would also fit into this category (such as the Grenade Launcher), but they are listed as Miscellaneous weapons instead.

Dead Trigger 2Edit


Crossbow (Dead Trigger 2)
"Time to go hunting! Just make sure your trophy is really dead before hanging it on the wall."
50,000 Shop icon 1

Grenade LauncherEdit

Grenade Launcher (Dead Trigger 2)
"Annoyed by those Zombie crowds? Then make yourself some space with this darling."
225,000 Shop icon 1

Rocket LauncherEdit

Rocket Launcher
"Four homing incendiary projectiles make this rocket launcher a delicate thing. Turn into a tank!"
350,000 Shop icon 1

Area-51 Gun Description
Area-51 Gun
"Origin unknown, deadliness immense, will disintegrate the target in a second."
1,100,000 Shop icon 1

Metal Storm Description
Metal Storm
"Welcome in 22th century. Unleash the storm of projectiles able to punch through multiple enemies."
900,000 Shop icon 1

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