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Speed Booster
Speed Booster (Dead Trigger 2)Screenshot.2015-05-19 04.37.47
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Increases movement speed
Amount per purchase:1
PriceGold DT2 12 for 1 Hour
Gold DT2 100 for 24 Hours

"While active, your moving speed is increased. Lasts 1 Hour/24 Hours."
—Game description
The Speed Booster is a power-up in Dead Trigger 2 which temporarily increases Hero's movement speed.


The Speed Booster is a power-up that speeds Hero around, many people got a week of this for free with the Easter update. The increased speed can be quite helpful if you oftentimes find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, or if you like to play your missions until the last 60 seconds. Its also helpful when using a Machine Gun, or other heavy weapons like the Chainsaw.


The price of Speed Booster depends on the level of Smuggler, and also on whether the player purchases 1h or 24h version.

These prices are inaccurate.

Smuggler level Price (1h) Price (24h)
Mk 1 (no discount) Gold DT2 15 Gold DT2 100
Mk 2 (2% discount) Gold DT2 15 Gold DT2 98
Mk 3 (4% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 96
Mk 4 (6% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 94
Mk 5 (8% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 92
Mk 6 (10% discount) Gold DT2 14 Gold DT2 90
Mk 7 (15% discount) Gold DT2 13 Gold DT2 85
Mk 8 (20% discount) Gold DT2 12 Gold DT2 80
Mk 9 (25% discount) Gold DT2 11 Gold DT2 75
Mk 10 (30% discount) Gold DT2 10 Gold DT2 70


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