This Arena map was featured in the 1.5.0 update (Android), this is a brand new map like Bloody Subway (Deadly Corridors was featured in 1.1.0, but was unaccesible).

This map is supposedly the London 2012 Olympic stadium. It was probably added because of the Olympic Games. This map features British flags flying at the top of the Olympic stadium, as well as special map-exclusive Athlete Zombie. It is the smallest map in the game.

Like all Arena maps, this map comes with 3 power-up stations. Ammo, Health and a Speed Booster/Damage Booster perk can be bought. They are all located on Medic tents.


  • This is one of the smallest maps in the game.
  • No doors can be bought. 
  • When the Athlete zombie spawns, they must jump over barriers similar to doing hurdles.
  • On the outside of this map, there are high barriers with the radioactive sign on them. This is puzzling, as there woudn't be radioactive materials in a stadium.
  • There are Samurai Logos on the barriers around the track.
  • The sky background is constantly revolving around the stadium; highly unrealistic, like revolving wallpaper/ 'ceilingpaper'.