Terror From the Deep
Close encounter of the Titan.
Objective:Protect the city from the giant mutant.
Enemies:Zombies, Titan
Location:An unknown city in Africa.

Terror From The Deep is the tenth and last mission of Africa campaign in Dead Trigger 2.

Warningico Spoiler warning: This page contains major plot details, read at your own risk!

Objectives Edit

  • It's coming! Mount Machine Guns to fight back
  • Shoot him!
  • Ammo depleted! Find another Machine Gun
  • Mount Machine Gun


The mission starts of with Kyle on top of a roof. He must jump down into the horde of zombies and eliminate them. After that, Kyle will search for the mounted machine gun in order to defeat the giant mutant because standard weapons do not have any effect on him due to the range. When Kyle uses all the ammunition of the first machine gun, Kyle will look for another machine gun which was very far away. After crossing a few roofs, Kyle reached the mounted machine gun and finishes the Titan once and for all.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first and also the last level the player can actually hurt and kill the Titan.

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