The Red One, Zombie Zero (ZZ)
The First One
☣ Zombie Statistics ☣
WeaponsHands (Punch, Smash); Sprinting attack
HealthVery High

The First One, also referred to as the Red One or Zombie Zero, is the first human to be infected, and the first zombie known to exist. It was called to as the "First One" by Dr. Adamos.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

The First One was a person who, by unknown means, became patient zero in the 2012 outbreak. It is unknown how he contracted the Virus, or who he "was" before his "death".

Post ApocalypseEdit

It is also unknown, though implied, that he was the zombie responsible for the mass infection of the planet.

Can't Touch ThisEdit

The First One appears out of nowhere, and attacks the Toxin Dispenser. He then leaps over another wall and vanishes.

  • In this mission is where the Hero will cover Dr. Adamos back while he repairs the toxin dispenser. This zombie then appeared out of nowhere and attacks the dispenser. He then leaped through another wall and escapes. Dr. Adamos then shouted; "That's him! That's the first one!" and he quickly returned to the tank where the hero is located; ordering the hero that they should "quickly capture him"


Kyle is sent by Ulrich to find and kill him in the containers yard. He appears and attacks Kyle, only to be killed. His body is then recovered by Dr. Adamos and is held for an autopsy.

He was trapped into the container yard by Ulrich and Dr. Adamos. Ulrich then sent the hero to track and kill him because his body is needed for an autopsy.

Dirty BusinessEdit

In the last mission of the Europe Campaign, Kyle is tasked to find a toxin sample. On his way, he is blocked by two clones of the First One. They were created by the Black Coats with the help of the First One's corpse.


It frequently jumps from heights and charges at humans and acts exactly like a Rager when in combat. The First One is much stronger and has much more health than the Rager.


  • The First One is basically a Rager with extra health. The First One can easily be mistaken for a Rager. The First One utilizes most of the attributes from the other specials, with the same knockback effect from the Panzer and charge ability from the Rager.

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