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"We must be united under one flag, one heart, and one goal. Long live the Resistance!"
—Radio announcer
The Resistance is a faction that appears in Dead Trigger 2.  

Mission and administrationEdit

They do not appear directly (although some members are notable), but their role is to conduct liberations of zombie-infested cities around the world.  

Manpower and ResourcesEdit

The resistance is composed of the remnants of the human civilization, presumably every group of survivors (with notable exceptions as noticed in the african campaign)  equipped with some kind of communication device (like a radio) has been contacted by the resistance and has joined it. 

Talking about resources, the resistances economic capabilities are quite extensive, been capable of using Transport helicopters (Presumably UH-60 Black Hawks) armed with Heavy Machine Guns, plus it has the ability to place the same machine guns all over the battlefields in order to defend said locations. Considering this, it is fair to say that the Resistance is well equipped with a lot of skilled members.  

The following are known vehicles of the Resistance: 

  • Helicopters - They are UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters with a mounted heavy-machine gun.  The Soldier can be seen arriving from these when he acts as back-up during Defend missions in Africa.
  • Truck - A truck that is modified for combat purposes, and has a heavy-machine gun mounted on the back. It is probably owned by the survivors in the Hideout as they are the ones who commandeer it.
  • Truck with blades - A tow truck that does not have a mounted machine gun but has large spiked blades and used for ramming large hordes. The front of it is very stained with blood. In an assault mission in China, the back of it is shown and "Do not feed the zombies!" is inscribed in all caps. It can be seen driven by Non-Player Characters.
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier - Occasionally seen in maps, it is a heavily armoured vehicle probably used to deliver troops,and has a mounted heavy-machine gun.


  • Body Burners - First introduced during the US West Coast liberation. It was formed to prevent already killed zombies from reanimating again. Their role is to cremate zombie corpses in pyres after combat.  
  • Resistance Headquarters - The Resistance Headquarters, or simply referred to as Resistance HQ is the headquarters and operational center of the Resistance. They carry out strategies and plans for the war against zombies. They usually communicate with members through radio transmissions
  • African Resistance - They have participated in the liberation of North Africa, Europe and Angola. The only known member is Thabo.
  • European Resistance - They are a division of the Resistance. The only know member is Eddie.


  • Remnants of the Chinese Army - They are what remains of the Chinese army. They provided support during the liberation of China.  
  • American Guerillas - They were at first with the Resistance, however they left to liberate the East. 

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