This page will depict the significant events of the games Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2.  

Dead Trigger Edit

2012- An unknown virus strikes Earth and humanity turns into undead creatures.  Originated in China, where The First One was infected.  

Day 1, 2012- Kyle tries to leave the city but has trouble starting it, so he clears the area.  

Day 2 onwards to Day 60: 

  • Kyle clears hideout area from zombies
  • Kyle reclaims Rockstock's luggage
  • Julian sends Kyle to inspect a governmental underground bunker 
  • New Hope members construct a telecommunications device to contact survivors around the city; Grace answers the signal
  • Kyle extracts Grace from the zombie-infested hotel
  • Julian sends Kyle to retrieve antibiotics for a disease (not the plague) that occured within the hideout 
  • Dr. Fisher sends Kyle to destruct a hospital, rewards him by giving him antibiotics
  • Dr. Fisher sends Kyle to find Merek McGriffin 
  • Kyle retrieves McGriffin's journal 
  • Julian sends Kyle to the bunker to clear lower levels
  • Kyle brings back significant information leading to the source of the plague
  • Kyle goes to the cemetary to retrieve confidential information 
  • Revelations of the origins of the plague; aristocrats spread the plague
  • Kyle continues to work for New Hope 
  • Kyle suddenly leaves New Hope for unknown reasons

Dead Trigger 2Edit


  • Kyle arrives at an abandoned library in the US 
  • Kyle meets Alice for the first time
  • Kyle frees Alice and extract to the hideout
  • Kyle pursues Hank, who stole Earl's toolbox; Hank gets killed by zombies, and Kyle successfully retrieves toolbox
  • Kyle goes to the gunshop and escorts Joel back to the hideout
  • Kyle goes to a store and find Ulrich
  • Ulrich sends Kyle to a monument to initiate telecommunications system and travel to another country
  • Kyle extracts from the area and the hideout members move to Africa

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