Titan2Titan as it appears in "Dead Trigger 2."
☣ Zombie Statistics ☣
WeaponsSwipe attack with hands; Smash attack with feet; Throwing rocks, cars,...
GenderMale (possibly)
DeathTerror From The Deep

The Titan (formerly referred to as Behemoth) is a Zombie in Dead Trigger 2. It was first seen at the CES 2013, in a demo on the NVIDIA Project Shield.


The Titan is first encountered in the mission 'Encounter', the tutorial. The player will then see the Titan zombie in the Africa mission 'Fresh Air', as they were about to land on the oasis. They will first battle the Titan in the mission "Terror from the Deep".

It may have been a test subject due to it having a collar and numerous pipes and tubes embedded in it. It also has a couple of bullet holes on his chest. It appears to be more of a mutant than a zombie.

It can be assumed that the Titan is roaming the earth as he was first encountered in USA and then seen again in Africa. How he travels on water is unknown.


The Titan is humongous and towers above the player. It has a spiked chain around its neck and some metal mechanism  with tubes connecting to it, with metal plating drilled into its groin.


It does not climb over and under walls and barricades. It instead attacks by throwing cars and boulders, as well as other large objects, at the Hero. Approaching the Titan will cause it to smash the player with its fists or stomp.


The Titan zombie has no obvious weaknesses. However, shooting its head may kill it faster than body shots.


The Titan cannot be fought during the first three levels. The first boss battle with the Titan takes place in Africa, on the level "Terror from the Deep".

On easy mode, its throwing attacks are very weak and the player will only take from 1 to 5 damage. A hit from the thrown objects can make the player fall. The only way to damage the Titan is with a static turret, several zombies will spawn every few seconds which could be dangerous in hordes. Setting up mines and/or turrets can also help to make the mission easier so the player does not need to get off the turret and having to clear the area of zombies consistently. The way to easily defeat it is to get on the static turrets and when the Titan throws objects, hide/strafe behind objects. Pay attention to his movements and nearby zombies.

Important notesEdit

Equipped weapons will NOT do any damage due to its range. Thus, it is important to use the mounted heavy machine guns instead of wasting ammo. Before playing this level on medium or hard, it is advisable to take a few Painkillers to survive from hordes as well as damage from the Titan's attacks.


The Titan will grab rocks from buildings or cars from the ground and throw them at the Hero. When the Titan dies, it will fall from its knees and then drop to the ground.


  • A photo of him can be seen at the CDC offices in China as the breaking news on TV.
  • His former name was "Behemoth".
  • A possible reason that there are Titans in the USA and China is that there are more than one titan.



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