☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Shoot down enemies automatically
Amount per purchase:2
Limit per game:2

"Tripod with a mounted machine gun. Using motion sensors and auto-Tracking, this device seeks and destroys. Consider it your best friend in the field."
—In-game description



Turrets are Items that automatically target any Zombie in sight, and shoots it down, though it needs to cool down after a few rounds. The Turret can be very useful in Defense missions. It can guard objectives without the player needing to worry about it. The only major setback is that it is quite expensive, at $1500 for 2. The price was reduced to $1200 in the 1.5 update. The Turret also has a heath bar similar to the ones present in Defense missions. Every burst of fire reduces its health. When the health bar reaches zero, the turret powers down, and its barrel will point downwards. The turret will then proceed to explode.



  • The specs on the model are: 1140 CTGS 5.56MM BLANKS M200 CAUTIONS LCOSF916-177


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