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Type 92
Type 92
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun
Class:Machine Guns
Damage864 (on purchase - Mk 7)
6,912 (fully upgraded - Mk 10)
Rate of fireType 92 Attack Rate DT2
RangeType 92 Range DT2
Magazine sizeType 92 Ammo DT2
  • 60 in magazine
  • 180 in reserve
  • Up to 35 received via pickup
Fire modeAutomatic
Gunsmith levelTech level 5 (blueprint reveal)
Gunsmith level 7 (to build)
Blueprints8 pieces
Gold DT2 800 to instantly complete
PriceMoney DT2 450,000
Gold DT2 589 to instantly build
Type 92-icon

"Japanese heavy machine gun. No one can stand such a shower of bullets, right?"
—In-game description

The Type 92 is a machine gun in Dead Trigger 2.

Overview Edit

Type 92's blueprint is revealed at Tech level 5 and Gunsmith level 7 is required to build the weapon. This weapon requires 8 blueprints to be completed so it can take a very long time to unlock it.

Summary Edit

Type 92 is one of three heavy machine guns, with the other two being the Minigun and MAC M1931. One might be disappointed about the huge amount of blueprints required to unlock this weapon, however, the Type 92 is worth the wait. Compared to other automatic weapons, such as assault rifles, it offers a significantly bigger magazine and ammo capacity, longer effective range and high damage. Zombies become stronger and stronger over time, however, due to its great ammo capacity, range, damage and automatic fire mode, it can remain sufficient for a longer time than other weapons.

However, there are also disadvantages when using this weapon. Its portability is very low. Along with its low portability, it has the slowest fire rate of all automatic weapons, except for the Jackhammer. The recommended use of this gun is for medium to long ranges against large hordes of zombies, where most guns lose damage due to its range. A good weapon to pair the Type 92 with is a submachine gun, because it's light and more suitable for close range fighting.

Pros & Cons Edit

Plusico Large magazine capacity and ammo reserve, high damage, long range
Minusico Slow movement speed, low rate of fire, slow reload speed, takes up a large portion of the screen

Upgrades Edit

Mark Price Damage Instant finish Time
Mark 7 Money DT2 450,000 864 Gold DT2 589 3 Days 18 Hours
Mark 8 Money DT2 675,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 1,728 Gold DT2 684 4 Days 12 Hours
Mark 9 Money DT2 900,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 3,456 Gold DT2 779 5 Days 6 Hours
Mark 10 Money DT2 1,125,000 Upgrade Marks DT2 6,912 Gold DT2 826 5 Days 15 Hours

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This gun has the same reloading sound as the Bren, but at a slower pace.
  • This gun has the same rate of fire as the Dual Glock.
  • The menu pictures of the Type 92 show it with an ammo belt box while it lacks those in-game. Instead, it uses modified rifle magazines that are inserted into the chamber.
  • A Shadowgun: Deadzone insignia can be seen on the side of the gun while reloading.