Uninvited Guest
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Kyle at T.N.T.'s private party
Objective:Make contact with the T.N.T. character
Enemies:Zombies, T.N.T.
Location:Abandoned bank in Europe

"I am the delivery man... I've got some booze."
—Kyle when pretending to be a delivery man

"Uninvited Guest" is the fourth mission of the European campaign.

Warningico Spoiler warning: This page contains major plot details, read at your own risk!


In this mission, Kyle is tasked to have contact with TNT. Kyle tries to enter the private party but is stopped by the bouncer. Kyle takes the box of whiskey and pretends to be the delivery man. 

After entering, he lends the box of whiskey to the barman and asks for TNT's location. He is lead to the terrace. Kyle is locked out of the terrace because of the gate. Kyle turns off the power causing the guests to get startled, blaming the barman.

He enters the terrace and sees TNT. He asks for information about the Red One's corpse. TNT tells Kyle about a warehouse. After this, zombies attack the national bank, causing the guests to escape. 

As Kyle leaves the bank, he sees a bloodied corpse of his ally, Eddie. With the information gathered and saddened with the unexpected death of Eddie, he returns back to the hideout.


  • Death of Eddie
  • First appearance of T.N.T.'s character.