For the Dead Trigger 2 version, see Winchester 94.
Winchester   Enfield 303    
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Winchester M1873
Range21 m
Magazine size10
Fire modeLever-Action
Unlock rankRank3
PriceShop icon 2100

"A classic that has withered the test of time. Load 'er up on Monday and shoot the whole week through! For those who prefer to kill with vintage style. This rugged old lady is the only mistress you'll ever need..."
—In-game description
The Winchester is a lever-action rifle in Dead Trigger.



The Winchester is a lever-action rifle, that is more than capable of killing Zombies under 3 shots, most one-shot kills if a headshot is performed, and rarely, disintegrations. This rifle outputs standard damage of amongst all the rifles in the game, with 85 units of damage per round, with a maximum damage capacity of 810 per shot.

The Winchester shoots out 12 rounds per clip in 5 seconds, with a reload time of 1.1 seconds. It has a draw time of 1.1 seconds as well, and a drop time of .97 seconds. In between shots, the Winchester takes another second to be ready to fire, as it is a lever-action rifle.

It is a handy secondary, even though the damage is standard for a rifle. The ammo capacity and reload times are what make this weapon a safe choice for a backup. For a weapon that deals a fair amount of damage per shot, this weapon's fire rate is relatively high.


The Winchester has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase, and upgrades, this gun is priced at a grand total of Shop icon 2220.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank To Unlock
First Tier Shop icon 240 170 77 11 21 10
Second Tier Shop icon 240 350 79 12 21
Third Tier Shop icon 240 810 83 12 21 72



  • Prior to the latest iOS update, the Winchester was missing its skin, giving it a whitish glow.
  • Prior to the iOS 1.7.0 update, this costs Shop icon 239.
  • A glitch happens with the Winchester, that is when its lever is being moved, some parts of the receiver move back as well. This is most noticeable on the magazine.
  • There is no actual animation for the lever being moved when fired.


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