Riker Portrait DT2

"I think we haven't had a chance to meet each other. I am Yusif, and you would probably call me a Smuggler back in the day"
Yusif Abubakar (Arabic: يوسف ابوبكر) is the Smuggler in Dead Trigger 2.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Yusif originates from Nigeria.[1] All his life he has dealt with shady and dangerous characters, laundering black market money and making deals with people who were not aware that they were engaged in deal making. Today, he is a survivor whose skills are essential to the cause. However, his motivation has changed. For the first time he is helping others, even if still in his arrogant and cynical way.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Used to be a blackmarket salesman, now he is doing the same thing. He currently works for Kyle and sells him boosters in return for gold.

Upgrading and LevelsEdit

The Smuggler can be upgraded to reduce prices on all goods sold by him.

Level Discount Price Time Gold to finish faster
2 -2%

Money DT2 1,000

5 Minutes Gold DT2 3
3 -4% Money DT2 6,000 2 Hours Gold DT2 30
4 -6% Money DT2 20,000 12 Hours Gold DT2 ?
5 -8% Money DT2 90,000 1 Day Gold DT2 240
6 -10% Money DT2 160,000 1 Day and 12 Hours Gold DT2 300
7 -15% Money DT2 300,000 2 Days Gold DT2 367
8 -20% Money DT2 450,000 2 Days and 12 Hours Gold DT2 430
9 -25% Money DT2 750,000 3 Days Gold DT2 494
10 -30% Money DT2 1,000,000 3 Days 8 Hours Gold DT2 536


  • He wears a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.
  • He was wealthy, indicated by the gold watch and the gold chains around his neck, and possibly, a very powerful smuggler.
  • The syringe-like item on Smuggler's desk is actually a booster from Madfinger's multiplayer game, Shadowgun: Deadzone.
  • His old name was "Riker".



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