Zanta Zombie
Zanta Zombie Screenshot
☣ Zombie Statistics ☣
WeaponsMelee, Explosive Gifts
OccupationSanta Claus mascot

The Zanta Zombie is a variation of the Zombies



The Zanta Zombie looks like the Hulk Zombie dressed as Santa Claus.


Melee, can also throw explosive presents that take away a lot of life. To avoid the presents either try to get away or shoot it while its in mid-air.


Aim directly at the head and keep shooting until its dead

Kill as quickly as possible as game can spawn a second one, even if first one is still alive.

Appearances in GameEdit

This Zombie makes a special appearance in the Bloody XMAS Arena map



  • The Zanta Zombie can appear with either a Santa, a reindeer mascot head, or sometimes, neither of them.
  • Instead of spitting green slime at Kyle, it tosses a present that explodes.
  • Despite looking like The Hulk Zombie, his abdomen isn't covered in blood, and the head looks completely different.


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